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ViTAL Economy Alliance Marks its 25th Year of Service to Regional Economies 

Frank Knott, Chairman and Founder of the ViTAL Economy Alliance published a description of the guiding principle, “Being a Person...

ViTAL Economy Alliance Completes Accelerator Feasibility Study

ViTAL Economy released the results of a feasibility study focused on development of an effective and sustainable business accelerator that...

ViTAL Economy Alliance Joins The Tourism Lab

The Tourism Lab is a network of nationally acclaimed experts in destination marketing and economic development that engage communities and marketplaces in...

About ViTAL Economy

Is your region struggling to survive in the new global, connected world? If so, you’re not alone. Many regions facing similar issues have turned to ViTAL Economy (VE) for help. We bring our passionate commitment and our unique, asset-based, results-oriented Community Economic Development approach to help declining regions around the globe transform their economies into thriving ones.

Our regional development results include:

  • Generated billions of dollars in sustainable economic growth
  • Developed hundreds of high-performance businesses
  • Created thousands of high-wage jobs
  • Reduced unemployment and underemployment for thousands of people
  • Eliminated persistent poverty as a way of life for thousands of families

With our intense community engagement process, your region can take ownership of your future to become a more collaborative, connected regional economy with ever-expanding resources.

Learn how taking the VE Journey can jumpstart your regional development by transforming your workforce and connecting your unique regional assets to compete in today’s internet-based economy. MORE.

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