Experience: Our Capabilities

A ViTAL Economy (VE) Journey transforms the way in which communities view and manage their regional economies. The most successful VE Journeys change the way citizens, governments, businesses and institutions live, work, learn, govern, collaborate, compete and share resources. To guide you along the right paths, help you avoid costly detours and teach you to embrace change, the skills and experience of our VE Alliance members are necessarily diverse and multi-faceted.

Every VE client has different needs, economic drivers, opportunities and challenges. They also have unique historical factors and cultures that need to be understood and honored. As a result, VE needs to assign each client a team of professionals whose expertise fits their specific requirements.

VE was created as a flat and virtual enterprise to meet these unique needs and to offer below-market rates. Since 1992, VE has developed a cadre of diverse professionals with successful track records in a variety of fields. They’re committed to the VE social enterprise mission and have a passion for achieving success as our clients define it. Our expertise includes:

  • Management – strategic and business planning, non-profit and municipal management, change management, business incubation, workforce development, sales and marketing
  • Community development – community industrial development, inter-modal logistics and transportation, livable community development, , industry cluster development, , residential and commercial development, sustainable development, research and development, community organization
  • Finance – community development financing, banking, investment banking, venture capital and venture philanthropy, angel capital networks
  • Education, healthcare, social services
  • Telecommunications
  • Bio-tech
  • Hospitality, tourism, recreation, retailing
  • Agriculture, mining, forestry, aviation
  • Innovation ecosystems, environmental sciences
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Energy and alternative energy resources
  • Engineering and construction

VE also provides our clients with access to professionals who have taken the VE Journey in their own communities. Contact us about your unique needs and learn how we can help your community.

Our Approach in Action