Experience: Results

ViTAL Economy (VE) Alliance members are focused on achieving results for our client communities and the network providers who help transform them. We served as their guides along the VE Journey, but the measurable results they achieved are their accomplishments, not ours. These communities and network providers believed something better was possible and invested their time and talent to make it happen. Your community can do the same.

Read highlights of results from several sample client communities that used VE to complete a project, transform their entire economy or build asset-based CED partnerships between network providers and regional CED leaders.

A partial summary of results achieved by regional economy clients and network provider sponsors of VE Journeys follows. Contact us to find out how your community can achieve similar results.

Regional Economy Results since 1992:


  • 30-40% increase in number of regional jobs over 5 years
  • 25-35% growth in average wage over 5 years
  • 35-50% increase in the average wage of all new regional jobs
  • 50-90% increase in annual rate of new business formation
  • 20-40% reduction in youth unemployment over 5 years
  • 25-40% increase in assessable property and earned income tax base


  • 30-40% reduction in the rate of families in poverty
  • 20-30% increase in families with private payer healthcare benefits
  • 20-30% of lowest wage job holders increase earnings by $5,000/year
  • 15-25% reduction of violence in families and rates of chronic disease
  • 30-40% increase in collaborative leadership pool of talent
  • 6-10% increase in population and reduction in average age
  • 50-60% reversal in rate of youth brain drain
  • 25-30% increase in rate of educational attainment


  • 50% of VE initiatives implement livable community standards
  • 40% increase in farmland preservation as open space, high-value agrarian asset
  • 35% of VE initiatives convert traditional tourism to high-value eco-tourism focus
  • 60% of VE initiatives develop virtual manufacturing to reduce infrastructure impact
  • 70% of VE initiatives adopt affordable housing strategies
  • 80% of VE initiatives develop town center viability and preservation plans
  • 45% of VE initiatives lower urban carbon footprint w/virtual work strategies


  • 50% increase in residential access to broadband services within 3 years
  • 40-60% residential broadband adoption rate in 6 months for newly served communities
  • 60% increase in annual revenue growth rate for network providers
  • 35% reduction in back-haul infrastructure upgrade costs through NPCOI
  • 100% growth in rate of regional GDP connectivity spending from 1.5-3%
  • 90% growth in knowledge economy businesses (high capacity connectivity users)
  • 65% develop GIS broadband maps to advance broadband adoption

Highlighted VE Journeys

Periodically, we will highlight a diversity of past regional economies or projects, which have adopted the ViTAL Economy principles of collaboration, connectivity and changed spending to transform their regional economy or undertake a transformative project to solve a key challenge or take advantage of a unique opportunity. The four listed below are Tasmania, Australia; the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State, Nova Scotia, Canada and Southern Illinois.



  • Reduced youth unemployment by 50% in 3 years
  • Attracted 2,000 KBE hi-tech remote jobs in 18 months
  • Built virtual global agricultural products market direct to consumer
  • 1st Australian rural government services network



  • 25,000 jobs grew to 34,500 in 4 years
  • Average wage increased by 40% in 4 years
  • Retail sales increased 16 straight quarters by double digits
  • Tax base increased 52% in 5 years



  • College without walls to finishing villages
  • Created 300 software firms doing $500 million in sales
  • Built eco-tourism industry–15,000 jobs
  • Reduced fishing village unemployment by 50%



  • Created a regional 20–county economy in 18 months
  • $24 million invested to improve broadband access
  • Regional health value chain achieves national notice
  • Regional growth strategy from 1.35% to 3.5% GDP

Our Approach in Action