Green River Strategy Analysis and Recommendation Study Completed

Green River, LLC builds software for sustainability, environmental protection, school improvement and public health. Michael Knapp, CEO of Green River, has been actively involved on the leadership team of the Southern Vermont based Ecovation Hub.

As a result of the strategic development work of the ViTAL Economy Alliance with the Ecovation Hub, Green River hired ViTAL Economy to conduct a strategic analysis of Green River’s current business model and to make strategic recommendations for leveraging its unique knowledge assets and mission orientation to grow Green River in a sustainable mission focused manner.

Frank Knott, Stan Halle and Jim Haguewood worked with Green River and its team members and customers to identify what products and services were delivering the most value to Green River customers. ViTAL Economy also developed recommendations for leveraging what service and capabilities were most valued by Green River customers and recommended modifications to Green River’s business growth strategy. ViTAL Economy Alliance reviewed its findings and recommendations with Green River principals in July and August, 2016

Michael Knapp stated that “Green River’s work with ViTAL Economy has been enlightening.  The VE Alliance is a talented, experienced team with a great deal of experience helping regions and companies achieve their goals. They worked tirelessly to inspire transformational change in both my company and our region. Their leadership has been refreshing and I recommend them highly to any region or organization interested in stepping back, studying their situation, and developing a strategy for sustainable growth”.

For more information about the unique mission driven work of Green River that is focused on helping their clients make effective positive change in the world, please visit their website at