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Every ViTAL Economy (VE) Journey is nothing short of a full-scale, comprehensive change effort – not unlike running a major campaign. It changes the way we think, the way we interact, the way we conduct business and the way we innovate.

Every tool, process and idea that VE provides to a community is designed with one goal in mind – to empower you to transform your economy. VE tools and processes do this in four ways:

  • They help you set a compelling vision and establish measurable goals – The What
  • They provide discomfort about your current situation and motivation – The Why
  • They lay out all the requisite steps & the process required to get there – The How
  • They identify & overcome barriers to change – The Why Not

Unless all four are addressed, change won’t happen. The VE Journey ensures that your community learns how to transform its economy, leading to self-empowerment and prosperity. The milestone steps along the path are described in the VE Journey section of our website and the relevant services for each step of the Journey are described in the Services section.

This VE Tool Box provides a snapshot of a number of important tools that will maximize your results at every stage of the Journey. Each tool is designed to enhance your personal skills, improve your organization’s performance and improve your region’s results. Maximum success is achieved when these tools are properly applied and transferred to an expanding team of VE Journey Champions that are leading, participating in and supporting your region’s VE Journey. Please contact us if you have any questions about a specific tool or process, or its role in a VE Journey.

VE ESSENTIALS – Basic Tools for a VE Journey Board and COI, Cluster, Committee or Action Team

  • Sense of Urgency
  • Goal Setting
  • Vision of Success
  • Eight Steps for Managing Change
  • VE Three C’s for a Transformative CED Strategy
  • Value Linkage
  • P to C
  • Collaborative Funding
  • Connected Economy Map
  • Open Systems Planning
  • Change Management


  • VE Triple Bottom Line CED Approach
  • VE Global Town Square
  • Regional Economy Swimming Pool
  • Economic Scenario Model™
  • VE Research Process – Turning data => information => knowledge => opportunity =>action
  • Indigenous Resource Asset Mapping
  • VE Rural Industry Custer Process
  • Opportunity Matrix
  • Regional Frameworks
  • Climate of Economic Opportunity
  • I Want My Broadband Demand Aggregation
  • Quality of Life – A Balanced Approach
  • Youth Engagement Process


  • Goal Setting Templates
  • Readiness Assessment Benchmark
  • VE 360º
  • VE Success Cycle
  • Leadership IQ™
  • Innovation Ecosystem
  • VE Capital
  • Youth Engagement Process
  • Workforce Development Center of Excellence
  • What Does Failure Look Like
  • Communication & Branding Strategies
  • Investment Attraction


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