Mobilize Maine launches a communication plan including a website and statewide newsletter

Mobilize Maine continues to expand its reach and energy level within the Maine economic and community development community with a new website and newsletter launched in September 2010. Mobilize Maine is a statewide asset based economic development program sponsored by Fairpoint Communications, the leadership of Governor Baldacci and the consultation expertise of ViTAL Economy.

Mobilize Maine is a cooperative effort to grow Maine economy, led by the efforts of private enterprise, Maine’s regional economic development providers and the State of Maine. The website found at communicates the uniqueness in three ways:

  • The process is solution focused and builds upon unique assets in each region. Regions focus on their strengths, not their needs. Each region sets measurable goals, directing resources to projects with the most economic potential.
  • The initiative engages and empowers people to take control of their economic future.
  • The inaugural newsletter included a letter from Mike Reed, Maine State President, FairPoint Communications, answering the question, “Why is a telecommunications company like FairPoint Communications involved in economic development?”

FairPoint believes its role in economic development is working as a partner with state, local and regional organizations interested in supporting economic growth. Our goal is to support and enhance meaningful, sustainable economic growth. We are also committed to taking a leading role in using technology to expand and sustain local and regional economies.

The Mobilize Maine initiative is based on a proven economic development model used by many communities across North America. It is a local leadership-driven initiative that builds directly upon the strengths and competitive advantages of each region to generate jobs and economic growth. The initiative is an exciting new approach that can provide the catalyst to involve representatives from all sectors of each region’s economy and community.