Post-secondary education more critical than ever, Georgetown study finds

Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce released a new study in June 2010 that VE believes regional leaders should study and integrate into their CED strategy. This report, Help Wanted: Projections of Jobs and Education Requirements through 2018, confirms that there is a fundamental disconnect between the requirements of employers and workforce development resources and education and training outcomes.
According to this study, the U.S. economy will create more than 46 million job openings by 2018, 63% of which will require college degrees or post-secondary preparation. Yet, more than 60 million of U.S. employees aged 25 to 54 are still working in jobs that require a high school education or less. Further, since 1970, the share of middle class people with some college education or an associate’s degree has declined from 53% to 45%, while the share of people with associate degrees in the top three income categories increased from 28% to35%.
The VE Alliance has been communicating a sense of urgency around this educational scenario for the past ten years. Our experience confirms that economic regions that plan for and implement relevant, just-in-time workforce development strategies integrated with 21st century, do-it-now knowledge and asset-based CED strategies, will experience robust economic growth and increased prosperity. We encourage leaders to download the Georgetown report at