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Using our extensive experience transforming economies from struggling to sustainable, ViTAL Economy (VE) has created a series of conferences and retreats that will help your community get started. Scroll through the list below for details. For assistance in determining what programs may be most useful for your situation, contact us.

Role and Relevance of Economic Development Districts in a Changing Economy

photo_conferencesMore than 500 regional development districts, in the form of councils of government (COG) or economic development districts (EDD), exist in the U.S. COG and EDD entities traditionally have been supported by political jurisdictions that value boundaries. In the 21st century, however, these traditional boundaries often inhibit economic growth and stifle development and today’s leaders must learn how to lead across them. This summit teaches EDD and COG leaders the best practices for creating a boundary-free culture that leads their economic regions to sustainable growth. Contact us to schedule.

Making Education Relevant in a 21st Century Knowledge Economy

Education has played an instrumental role in each of the major economic transformations that have occurred since 1850. Innovations in education are one of the three investment priorities central to improved productivity and increased prosperity. This conference explores why so many regional leaders view education as out-of-touch with current economic realities. It provides examples of significant collaborations between economic development and education that have led to improved regional economic performance. Participants develop a transformed vision of how education serves 21st century economies. Contact us to schedule.

Growing, Connecting and Sustaining Rural Regional Economies

This retreat examines the relationship of economic growth to the development of a culture of connectivity behavior and broadband infrastructure. It also describes how to develop the collaborative behaviors that are critical to sustaining growth. Participants examine success stories from other rural regions for lessons that can be applied to their own remote economic regions. Contact us to schedule.

Formula for Developing, Connecting and Growing Cluster-Based Rural Economies

years of consulting experience, ViTAL Economy has developed a proven formula for identifying and mapping remote rural assets and connecting them into an industry value chain to serve emerging niche markets. This conference explains the asset mapping tools that are critical for creating a positive perspective of rural-based industry clusters and provides case studies of successful rural industry clusters. Contact us to schedule.

Building a Sense of Region – The Role of a Regional Economic Scenario™ Model

If regional leaders have no way to benchmark or measure economic progress for their region, it’s difficult to have a sense of region. This forum demonstrates how the ViTAL Economy Scenario™ model can be used as an economic modeling tool that effectively communicates a sense of region. Contact us to schedule.

Roadmap for Managing Through the Waves of Change

ViTAL Economy has conducted a number of conferences and retreats for Cabinet ministers, secretaries, deputies, and career administrators in Canada, Australia, and the United States. Participants explore the challenge of government relevance when its citizens experience a stark contrast between its industrial age model and the knowledge-based economy model, which determines how services are delivered by the private sector to its customers, who are also citizens. Government leaders learn how to transform the way they serve their constituents. Contact us to schedule.

Strategic Planning Retreats for Network Provider and Public Sector Executives

Becoming a ViTAL Economy requires that public sector officials and network provider executives understand the fundamental strategic role that information and telecommunications infrastructure (ICT) play in the economic viability of their community or firm. This conference brings together public officials and broadband executives to develop a mutual appreciation of their common interests and to develop strategies that align ICT infrastructure investments with more effective government services and expanded economic opportunities for citizens. Contact us to schedule.

The Power of Connecting Education, Business, Government and Healthcare

Collaboration is the key management behavior of a knowledge economy. Unfortunately, most regional economies operate as if one sector of the economy had no relationship to another. We call this “Silo-Vision.” This conference brings together key leaders of the most critical elements of a regional economy to explore how collaboration, connection and changed spending behavior can improve quality of life and economic growth. Contact us to schedule.

Telecommunication Summits

For more than 18 years, VE has helped numerous utility and telecommunication associations and industry leaders (manufacturers, service providers, municipal and stock-held utilities) conduct marketing and community development summits. These summits explain how VE market development strategies significantly grow the size of existing markets as well as a company’s share of this expanded market. Participants learn how to communicate their service as a critical strategic asset rather than as a commodity service to be price-shopped. They also learn how to effectively turn their customers into champions for a ViTAL Economy. Contact us to schedule.

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