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ViTAL Economy offers a variety of economic summits and symposia that help community leaders learn how to break the cycle of failure and create sustainable economic prosperity using their communities’ unique strengths.

Regional Development Organizations and the Economic Crisis

photo_summitThis session explores the role of regional development organizations in a 21st century global economy. We explore the impact of the economic crisis of 2007-2009 and discuss how regional development organizations, such as councils of governments and economic development districts, can respond to new realities and become more relevant. Contact us to schedule.

Enabling Distressed Rural Economies

This facilitated strategic discussion with regional government, business and community leaders explores the challenges of distressed rural economies. It provides examples of similar economies that have successfully taken the VE Journey and transformed their declining economies into engines of growth. Contact us to schedule.

Results-Driven Regional Economic Transformation – An Asset-Based CED Briefing

Measurable results and accountability for economic performance against plan is unfamiliar and frightening to many economic development officials and elected leaders. This session teaches leaders how to embrace measurable economic strategies. They also learn how other best-practice regions have mapped and leveraged their unique, indigenous assets and linked them to measurable strategies for success. Contact us to schedule.

Building Livable Community CED Strategies

Today’s knowledge-based workers desire livable communities for their families. Since this type of worker fuels job growth in the 21st century, it’s critical that every economic region integrate a livable community strategy into their overall regional CED strategy. This session provides regional leaders with a roadmap for achieving sustainable prosperity for their remote economy and quantifies the social, economic, health and environmental benefits of livable communities. Contact us to schedule.

Regional Asset-Based CED Leadership Briefings

Lots of economic development professionals are talking about asset-based development, but few are successfully Many economic development professionals talk about asset-based development, but few are successfully adopting it to their regional economy. This briefing provides regional leaders with an understanding of the differences and benefits of asset-based versus needs-based CED. It also discusses how leaders can mobilize a critical mass of champions to advocate for, implement and sustain asset-based CED strategies to permanently transform their regional economy. Contact us to schedule.

Exploring Innovations – Enabling Resurgence of Distressed Rural Economic Regions

Decade after decade, innovation has proven to be the key to economic prosperity. Most rural economic regions have limited access to innovation assets and therefore have struggled to participate in the innovation-driven economic growth that characterized the U.S. economy in past decades. This summit explores how remote rural regions can build and sustain an innovation infrastructure that encourages entrepreneurship, better understands and embraces risk, and develops a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Contact us to schedule.

Marketplace Transformation: New Economics for a ViTAL Economy

A facilitated single or multi-day summit that develops a strategic vision for your economy or your marketplace based on ViTAL Economy principles. The summit is composed of general sessions and breakout meetings where participants are challenged to rethink their definition of a an economy when they apply ViTAL Economy realities. This summit will energize the leadership of the following groups:

  • Corporations interested in examining, redefining, and expanding their markets
  • Regional economies interested in energizing their economic growth strategies
  • Communities of Interest (COI’s) focused on developing boundary-free collaborative economic links across large remote economic regions

Preparing Your Community for the 21st Century Economy

This seminar crafts a challenging but enticing vision of the global economic challenges and opportunities faced by communities all over the world. A diverse group of community, government, business and education leaders are brought together to explore the impact of ViTAL Economy behavior on the way they will work, live, learn, worship, govern, and play. Participants are exposed to the eight steps for successfully managing change and the eight services of ViTAL Economy for building a thriving economy. Contact us to schedule.

Community Economic Development Summits

This summit was developed to focus community and economic development (CED) professionals on the challenge of building knowledge economy strategies in a world that has valued industrial attraction strategies. Participants learn how to become champions of knowledge economy development, how to empower others to adopt a knowledge economy vision, and how to create and sustain a ViTAL Economy CED initiative. Contact us to schedule.

Strategic Planning Retreats

ViTAL Economy strategic planning requires a different set of assumptions. ViTAL Economy players understand that success is driven by those who learn how to effectively collaborate, connect and change spending behavior. Our strategic planning retreats are designed to enable corporations, organizations, communities, and governments to rethink existing or create new strategic plans based on the principles of connectivity, collaboration, and changed spending behavior. Numerous groups have used our retreats to bring together disparate leaders, such as those in public safety and education, to craft groundbreaking strategies that connect resources to transform relationships, expand opportunity, and improve outcomes. Contact us to schedule.

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