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ViTAL Economy (VE) offers a wealth of sessions designed especially for legislative leaders and policy makers in rural economies, where they can learn how to make collaboration, investment in innovation and existing regional strengths work for their region.

Understanding the Challenges and Choices of a ViTAL Economy

photo_legislativeVE initiatives require a level of cross-regional collaboration that is very different from conventional approaches to economic development. These initiatives also require that leaders change their investment mindset from attracting firms outside the region to developing a grow-your-own strategy. This session engages policy leaders and elected officials in a proactive discussion of the barriers to change. Contact us to schedule.

Moving from Needs-Based to Asset-Based CED Strategies and Investments

The grant submission process has trained many policy leaders to focus on their region’s deficits rather than their assets. This focus has led to a tendency to depend on outside resources rather than developing existing resources. Asset-based development maps a region’s assets and explores how they can be leveraged to take advantage of regional, national or global opportunities. This session outlines how policy choices expand and change as a result of asset-based development. Contact us to schedule.

Relevance of Political Boundaries in a Boundary-Free Economy

Changing historic behavior is one of the most difficult tasks of a transformative CED strategy. The belief that political boundaries actually matter in a 21st century economy is one of the most difficult cultural barriers to overcome. In this forum, we explore why regional leaders continue to believe such boundaries make a difference, when economic reality paints a very different story. The session also includes a case analysis of this new reality and the stark consequences of not changing behavior. Contact us to schedule.

Investing in Innovation Ecosystems

Ecosystems are a system of connected but separately controlled innovation assets such as business incubators, technology transfer offices, university research centers, entrepreneur development programs, small business development centers (SBDCs), workforce development centers, business extension programs, higher education programs and integrated equity and debt finance resources. This forum explores how leaders can create, fund, manage and sustain an innovation ecosystem serving a remote, regional economy. Contact us to schedule.

Rural Policy Mindset versus 21st Century Economy Realities

For decades, government policy has proclaimed that the 21st century economy has become knowledge-based rather than industrial or agrarian-based. Yet, the vast majority of rural policy investments still focus on industrial or agrarian initiatives. This session discusses the specific disconnect between economic reality and public policy and explains how leaders can bridge this divide. Contact us to schedule.

What Economy Are We Taxing?

Tax policy can promote or hinder economic growth. Too often, the discussion of tax policy revolves around the rate of taxation. This session demonstrates that, while tax policy historically changed with real changes in the drivers of a local, regional or national economy, in recent years, it has remained based on the industrial economy despite the shift to a knowledge-based economy. Participants explore and discuss alternatives based on current economic realities. Contact us to schedule.

Enabler versus Inhibitor: A 21st Century Regulatory Challenge

This session, specifically designed for regulators, explores the economic history of the founding, original purpose, and evolving focus of regulatory bodies. The role of economic enablement versus rate control is discussed. Participants craft their vision of the role of regulation in a knowledge economy and learn how regulatory bodies can become enablers rather than inhibitors of economic opportunity. Contact us to schedule.

Government in a Networked Society: Challenge or Opportunity

The perception of the role of government in a networked society has never been more challenging to public officials. We explore with public officials the expectation of citizens as they access services via their credit cards, computers, cell phones, etc. We discuss the challenges posed by a world that operates 24/7 where boundaries are irrelevant. Participants are exposed to actual situations where government services have been transformed by ViTAL Economy principles. These sessions enable participants to develop a ViTAL Economy action plan for their constituents. Contact us to schedule.

State Municipal and County Association Briefings

The realities of operating in a knowledge economy provide local counties and municipalities with the most significant challenges they have ever faced. The 24/7 global economy has enabled companies and workers to locate anywhere they choose, creating the challenge for rural communities to become a place of choice for the knowledge economy workforce. These briefings focus on the challenges faced by local communities who believe that political boundaries still make a difference, and who still see resource control as more important than resource collaboration. We explore how communities can collaborate, connect, and change spending behavior to increase their effectiveness, efficiency and quality of life without losing their identity. Contact us to schedule.

State Legislative and Executive Branch Briefings

We have appeared before a number of legislative bodies and executive branch meetings to outline the reality of the connected economy on state legislative, administrative and economic policy. Similar to the private sector in years past, government bodies are organized according to management and public policy principles that applied to industrial economies. Our briefings facilitate a strategic discussion about the ways that legislative and executive branches of government can transform legislative and economic policy to better serve constituencies functioning in today’s connected economy. Contact us to schedule.

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