Services: Awareness Seminars: Managing Complex Change Workshops

ViTAL Economy and the VE Alliance members can help your region overcome one of the greatest hurdles to transforming your economy – accepting and managing change. We offer the following interactive workshops that can be packaged as a seminar, working session or training. For assistance in selecting the most appropriate workshop, contact us.

Perspective on Change Management – Attitudes, Tools and Techniques

photo_workshopAt the heart of every region lies a fundamental attitude about change. The key to successful transformation is being willing to let go of industries that sustained the community in the past and consider new pathways to prosperity. Learn what it takes to assess a region’s receptivity and readiness for change. Identify and deploy strategies that build and sustain essential buy-in and broad commitment to see a change through completion. Contact us to schedule.

Challenges in Implementing Change

While every change effort is unique, we have discovered ten common challenges that every leader must overcome in order to implement enduring change. In this session, you learn what these challenges are and the most effective strategies for addressing each one. You also learn how to apply these lessons to your own region to increase the probability of success. Contact us to schedule.

Key Tools for Managing Change – The Change Formula and Force Field Analysis

There is an expression, “The soft stuff is the hard stuff.” Two of the most powerful tools we employ are The Change Formula and Force Field Analysis. They work especially well for change effort planning and strategy development, problem diagnostics and progress monitoring. Learn about these tools and how to apply them to your economic development situation. Contact us to schedule.

The Changing Nature of the Workplace (PBS Series)

This PBS series first aired 15 years ago; however, the workplace changes and the lessons for employers and employees it discusses are still relevant today. You can select from among the following topics those that best match your participants’ areas of interest: Inventing Our Future; Being Motivated; The Real You; Beliefs and Values; Opening Your Own Business; Re-entry into the Working World; Dealing with Stress and What the Employer Wants. Contact us to schedule.

Economic Opportunity versus Risk in A Connected Economy

This seminar explores the relative risks of remaining a fragile, dependent economy versus becoming a thriving ViTAL Economy. Participants collaboratively develop an approach for achieving success that is challenging, but manageable, for themselves and their constituents. Contact us to schedule.

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