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ViTAL Economy President Frank Knott and other members of the ViTAL Economy Alliance have given speeches and keynote addresses in scores of regions throughout the U.S., Canada and Australia. Your community can select from the following sessions or you may contact us for assistance in choosing a topic appropriate for your unique needs.

Expand Market Share and Profits in a Sea of Competitive Change

photo_speechesThis topic is a much-requested keynote for telecom association meetings. We outline how linking community economic development to broadband expands broadband access and adoption rates, increasing market share and profits. Contact us to schedule.

Broadband With A Purpose (BWAP) – Creating a Vibrant, Digital-Ready Marketplace

This presentation explains why increased broadband adoption rates depend as much on educating consumers as on building infrastructure. BWAP teaches small business, non-profit, industry and government leaders and consumers how the appropriate use of broadband services can dramatically improve the way they work, live, govern, learn, compete and collaborate. Contact us to schedule.

Regional Economy Branding Strategies – Why You Need One!

In this speech, you’ll learn how to create a regional brand that can help your regional economy transform itself into a culture of innovation that is attractive to entrepreneurs. The speech also explains why regional brands are as important for internal audiences as they are for external audiences. Contact us to schedule.

Regional Collaboration- A Framework for Transforming Rural Economies

There are more than 500 economic regions across the United States. In most of these regions, the level of true collaboration is only skin deep. This session demonstrates how to create, sustain and measure real collaboration. It also shows how to build sustainable governance frameworks and achieve significant growth. Contact us to schedule.

Revitalizing Rural Economies With Cluster-Based Strategies

The term “rural industry clusters” is an oxymoron to many economic development professionals. In this presentation, we show how ViTAL Economy has created a working model for building and sustaining emerging industry clusters in rural regional economies. Contact us to schedule.

One Region – One Vision

This keynote address focuses on building broad-based support for regional community economic development initiatives. Regional leaders use this session to create a groundswell of regional champions, a call to action and a sense of urgency to launch and fund regional initiatives. Contact us to schedule.

ViTAL Economy Capital – Bringing Wall Street to Main Street

Lack of access to capital and limited financial literacy has been a continuing problem for rural economies. This presentation describes a controlled regional framework for attracting and managing a critical mass of equity and specialty debt financing, as well as the expertise needed to finance rural asset-based economic development. Contact us to schedule.

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