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Most regional economies are uniquely dependent on a specific vertical market sector for their economic growth. ViTAL Economy (VE) has developed a number of vertical market seminars to help these economic sectors and the communities they serve understand their specific economic impact on the regional economy. For assistance in determining what vertical market seminars might be most useful for your region, contact us.

Collaborative Solutions for a Sustainable Non-Profit Sector

photo_verticalIn remote economic regions, the non-profit sector is one of the most critical sectors of a regional economy, one of its largest employers and the supplier of the social safety net for the region. This session describes how a collaborative framework can improve the sustainability of the non-profit sector. Contact us to schedule.

Economic Development Impact of the Olympics–A Reality Check

Political and economic development leaders have often misunderstood the economic impact of sport. In conjunction with the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, ViTAL Economy (VE) was chosen to research the economic impact of the Olympics on regions served by Olympic host cities. This session offers a 30-year perspective on how to best leverage the long-term economic impact of major sporting events. Contact us to schedule.

Regional Economic Development in British Columbia

Every economic region has unique differences. During the course of multiple engagements, VE has explored the unique economy of British Columbia as played out in some of the most diverse regional economies in North America. This session discusses how unique solutions developed in British Columbia might benefit other remote economies. Contact us to schedule.

Investment Attraction Strategies for Regional CED–-What is it?

Investment attraction, a concept that is often misunderstood, simply refers to how a region attracts new business investment and spends funds to meet the desires of its constituents. VE uses a swimming pool analogy to help the average person understand this complex, important concept. Economic leaders can use this seminar to broaden their constituents’ understanding of how regional economies thrive, stagnate or die. Contact us to schedule.

How Best-Practice Communities Leverage Unique Assets to Grow Their Economy

More than 90% of the investments in economic development are focused on attracting new business to the region. However, the most successful regional economies have learned that growing and sowing your own businesses based on your region’s unique assets is a less expensive and more effective strategy. Learn how VE’s asset-based development and on-line mapping tools have helped economic regions transform themselves into regions of unlimited economic opportunity. Contact us to schedule.

Bringing Out the Best in First Nation Economies

All too often, Aboriginal, First Nation and Native American communities are not valued for the unique contributions their cultures can make to build more livable communities. We look at lessons learned in our engagements with such communities in the United States, Australia and Canada since 1992. Contact us to schedule.

Business Incubator Best Practices for Remote Rural Regions

VE Alliance members have been involved in the sponsorship, development and/or management of business incubators throughout the United States. In this session, we explore the best practices for developing and managing successful business incubators that serve remote rural economies. Contact us to schedule.

The Central Role of Healthcare in Transformation of Distressed Economies

One of the largest employers and economic engines of a regional economy is healthcare. Yet most elected officials think of healthcare as a social service rather than an industry. This session, designed at the request of regional leaders, focuses on how economic regions change their perspective to leverage healthcare assets for knowledge-based economic growth. Contact us to schedule.

e-Government: A Journey into the Future

A government executive seminar that explores the impact of electronic government services on access, cost and quality of government services. Participants analyze the economic impact of e-government on a local economy. We examine the unleashing effect e-government applications on productivity and operating budgets. Contact us to schedule.

Connecting the People of God

Religious leaders gather to understand the impact of a ViTAL Economy on the faithful. They explore how churches need to rethink the faith-based needs of their members in light of cyberspace. We explore and describe how churches can reorganize to serve their congregations in a 24/7 connected world, and how churches can increase their relevance to those in need. Contact us to schedule.

Community Human Resource Plans: A Global Opportunity

Participants learn how to develop a community-wide view of human resource assets and support resources in the context of a ViTAL Economy. We provide examples of networked virtual hiring halls and discuss the role of 24/7 learning and training resources in developing a more robust economic growth and job opportunity environment that is not dependent on the physical proximity of work and workers. Contact us to schedule.

Smart Budgets for Smart Schools for ViTAL Economy Communities

This seminar explores how traditional budgeting systems can enable or inhibit schools from being relevant to the communities they serve. Participants are asked to reconsider what constitutes their customers in a 21st Century learning community. They are encouraged to use outside-the-box thinking to develop whole new ways of generating revenue, sharing resources and prioritizing to achieve an economic environment that improves outcomes, reduces average costs and expands revenue. Contact us to schedule.

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