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graphic_bbViTAL Economy’s (VE) broadband mapping process identifies which geographic areas actually have access to broadband service and how many users are actually taking advantage of the service. Since collaboration is the core behavior of any VE Journey, we bring all network providers to the table to map service access, adoption, capacity and use.

In the course of the VE Journey, end users learn how broadband services will change the way they live, work, govern, collaborate and compete. Our broadband mapping process creates a Geographic Information System (GIS) map of both existing and future demand. The key benefits of demand aggregation for network providers are two-fold:

  • First, a proven end-user demand GIS mapping process allows network providers to see the sum total of individual demand requests in a geographic region. Historically, demand has only been reviewed at the network provisioning level, one customer request at a time.
  • Second, network providers gain efficiency from leveraging the investments of multiple and often-competing network providers. Network providers can better see where the demand is located in relation to the existing backbone and, in some cases, eliminate the duplication of investment in networks.

By leveraging existing networks and measuring demand-pull customers, network providers can develop a different, clearer picture of the potential market to help them determine if expanded investment in broadband infrastructure will provide a reasonable return on investment (ROI).

The traditional broadband formula of “customers-per-mile” is replaced by a more reliable analysis of demand-pull customer requests for broadband service based on application requirements that aggregate residential, education, healthcare, business, government and non-profit users in a specific geography. While the customers-per-mile estimate might be below an accepted level of ROI, the actual number of mapped customer requests may exceed ROI requirements.

Contact us to learn how our broadband mapping process has helped lay the foundation for global best-practice growth of broadband investment and adoption in numerous economic regions.

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