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The goal of every ViTAL Economy (VE) Journey is the creation of a sustainable economy. VE 360™ is our unique benchmarking index that helps regional leaders measure where they are on the path to becoming a sustainable, thriving economy.

High-performing VE communities are characterized by a balanced approach to community economic development. The VE Journey develops CED strategies that reflect the strengths and relationships of a region’s human capacity development, economic resilience and quality of place. It also looks at the region’s climate of innovation and entrepreneurship.

VE 360™ benchmarks an economic region’s performance against best-practice standards that include:

  • Community Vitality
  • Livable Community
  • Enabling Environment
  • Climate of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Global Competitiveness
  • Digital Readiness

This tool’s snapshot report provides a qualitative score within each of these six major areas as well as an overall regional score. VE 360™ can be used as an early-stage snapshot as well as an ongoing tool to measure your region’s periodic progress. Contact us to learn more.

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