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Remote regional economies often are presumed to have limited financing resources based on historic patterns of decline in their performance. Although this perception persists, there is clear evidence that many remote economies have access to more regional wealth resources than imagined.

ViTAL Economy (VE) recognizes that each regional economy has unique capital requirements and assets. We’ve created Regional Economy Capital Strategies service that first develops a financial services industry cluster composed of the region’s private and public providers of capital resources. VE then works with cluster leaders to assess the region’s:

  • Levels of capital availability
  • Areas of proven risk-analysis expertise
  • Traditional and innovative lending resources
  • Equity investor networks for each life-cycle stage of business development

Once an assessment is completed, cluster leaders work with VE to develop a Regional Economy Capital Strategy that identifies how regional resources will be better connected and accessed. The strategy also delineates the external capital resources needed to implement the regional CED strategy.

Contact us to review how this VE service can help your region evaluate your funding resources.

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