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graphic_lifecycleViTAL Economy (VE) Alliance members are entrepreneurs who have experienced the highs and lows that accompany the process of accessing equity and debt financing to grow their firms. A number of our alliance members also have been involved in angel and venture capital networks.

These experiences taught us that the long-term success of a firm was dependent on the availability and accessibility of specialty equity and debt finance sources that are appropriate to its stage of development (i.e. start-up, emerging, growth or mature).

VE has developed an equity and debt finance life-cycle assessment process to determine a region’s long-term capital requirements and gaps. This assessment and gap analysis ascertains the types of capital needed to fund public and private equity as well as debt financing for a region’s CED strategy.

This Life-Cycle Financing Service also provides valuable information that increases leadership’s financial literacy and the likelihood that CED action plans will be financed. Contact us to discuss your region’s concerns regarding access to capital and to learn how VE can assist you.

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