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graphic_capitalViTAL Economy (VE) is pleased to offer our clients VE Capital, an integrated framework for aggregating, attracting, and managing equity and debt capital pools. This framework helps rural businesses and entrepreneurs access specialty capital resources that otherwise would not be available.

The VE Capital system:

  • Provides access to specialty finance services in collaboration with existing capital providers
  • Helps establish networks that encourage entrepreneurs to share ideas and solutions
  • Organizes intermediary resource networks that support new enterprises by providing access to best-practice experts
  • Facilitates a community environment that encourages entrepreneurship and embraces risk

VE believes that remote economic regions can provide an environment in which knowledge-based enterprises can flourish, as long as they can access the right types of capital for their stage of development.

Contact us to discover how VE Capital can help your economic region improve its access to specialty finance resources and develop the expertise to grow your regional economy.

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