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Communities of Interest (COI) and Industry Clusters are the principal frameworks used to establish and manage collaborative efforts within a regional, asset-based CED initiative. ViTAL Economy (VE) has developed a comprehensive approach to recruiting and managing COI and industry cluster participants that facilitates these frameworks.

COI Facilitation

COI are used to build collaboration within a specific geographic region that has unique cultural, demographic or geographic characteristics. A COI framework also can foster collaboration among key organizations that control assets and services, which underpin the entire regional economy. Examples of such services include healthcare, broadband, education, workforce development and local governments.

VE has facilitated numerous COI that resulted in:

  • Significant improvements in regional collaboration
  • Expanded access to healthcare services
  • Recaptured sector revenues escaping into neighboring states
  • Increased educational resource sharing
  • Improved regional access to broadband services
  • New models of regional governance
  • Improvements in regional prosperity and wealth creation for regional families

Industry Cluster Facilitation

Industry Cluster frameworks align private sector leaders in a given industry with public sector interests. These leaders identify and recruit firms along the entire value chain of their industry. The industry clusters develop and implement niche-market strategies that can bring better jobs and economic growth to the region and are a key part of a region’s ability to achieve its measurable, asset-based initiative goals.

VE has helped develop and implement industry cluster strategies in more than 50 different niche markets, including such diverse fields as value-added agriculture, biotechnology, advanced manufacturing, yacht building, pharmaceuticals, data warehousing, Intermodal logistics and transportation, tourism, forest products, alternative energy, mining, software development, healthcare, education & training, recreation, non-profit social enterprise, environmental engineering, marine services, aquaculture and research and development centers of excellence.

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