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For years, leaders of remote regional economies have struggled to get consistent access to reliable and meaningful economic data to better manage their economy. Even when they can access such data, they typically have no access to resources or expertise that can maintain, analyze, interpret, distribute and update it.

ViTAL Economy (VE) has spent years identifying econometric partners that understand the needs of remote regional economies and that are able to translate complex economic data into meaningful information. These efforts have led to the development of regional economic models that, for the first time, enable remote regions to measure their natural economies at a county, multi-county or cross-border level.

Our econometric measurement tools and processes help regional leaders translate economic data into actionable information and grow a critical mass of support for CED priorities. In addition, VE teaches regional leaders how to implement user-friendly econometric tools and apply the results of the VE Research Formula, which transforms analysis into action and opportunity.

We welcome the opportunity to share examples of the VE Research Formula in action as well as VE tools and processes that have enabled leaders to transform the way their regions view and respond to economic realities. Contact us.

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