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Without an identity or brand, a regional initiative will struggle to gain the critical mass of support needed to succeed. As part of the ViTAL Economy (VE) Journey, VE strongly recommends that each remote region develop a brand – a clear sense of identity that is easily communicated in word, image and action.

Branding strategies start with a region’s vision of its desired future state. It leverages existing unique assets into a powerful selling idea. A regional or community brand should help the region transform itself into a culture of innovation and risk-taking that attracts and encourages entrepreneurs.

The real power of a regional brand strategy is that it makes it possible to sell the future in the present. It allows remote regions to sell what they intend to become, not just what they are. Remote regions have distinct marketable identities that await the discovery of local stakeholders, who then help sell this identity to others. When executed effectively, the brand will be championed in the global marketplace by those who share its vision.

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