Services: Implementation: Setting Measurable Goals

How many CED strategies have you seen that had no measurable goals? Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland famously observes that, “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will do.”

Unfortunately, too many CED strategies appear to believe that any road will do. CED documents often sit on a shelf waiting for the annual update to meet yet another arbitrary grant guideline. This piecemeal approach is not conducive to effective, long-term strategy.

ViTAL Economy (VE) strategies are just the opposite. They are consistent, focused and measurable. One of the hallmarks of every VE Journey is our disciplined focus on measurable goals, strategies and action plans that achieve outcomes within defined timeframes. This discipline has proven to be one of the more difficult tasks facing regional leaders and elected officials. Many leaders talk about the need for goals, but few seem to have much experience with or the desire for accountability.

VE has developed a disciplined process that teaches regional leaders how to develop measurable goals, strategies and action plans that include both quantitative and qualitative benchmarks. The processes and tools are integrated into all aspects of a VE Journey, so that a broad base of leaders learns to set and manage measurable goals. Contact us to learn more about these unique VE tools and processes.

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