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VE’s Business R&D Park Evaluation Tool Guides You to Success

Successful business incubation programs not only must graduate clients, but they must provide a place for graduates to reside and grow if the region is to benefit. Research and Development (R&D) Parks are a strategic extension of regional business incubators, providing a location for their graduates. ViTAL Economy (VE) understands that, to produce the expected benefit to a regional economy, these parks must follow best-practice operating principles that include:

  • Use defined metrics to continually measure its impact on the regional economy
  • Maintain strong and diverse stakeholders and partner organizations
  • Create processes that encourage, welcome and screen entrepreneurs to the R&D park
  • Establish a clear research and technology focus linked with a university
  • Create capable technology licensing and commercialization functions
  • Develop strong linkages between park staff and companies with university faculty, staff and student interns that increase and business startups
  • Establish financial self-sufficiency and consistent deal flow network

VE can assess your community’s R&D program using our proprietary VE Business R&D Park Evaluation Tool. Founded on best practices and quantifiable measurements, this analytic tool measures your current performance against best-practice standards. Contact us to learn more.

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