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ViTAL Economy (VE) has spent a number of years developing the skills of leaders in remote regional economies throughout North America and Australia. The culmination of this experience is our Collaborative Leadership Institute (CLI).

CLI teaches regional leaders how to lead transformative community economic initiatives that avoid the pitfalls of traditional, boundary-based political and taxing jurisdictions. Our curriculum helps regional leaders better “connect the dots” of valuable but remote resources across their regional economy.

Although CLI programs are designed to capture the personality and unique culture of each rural economy we serve, they do include core content elements that ensure a successful transition from hierarchical to collaborative leadership. These elements include teaching leaders how to convey the following to stakeholders:

  • Why their region needs to collaborate, not compete, across traditional boundaries
  • What constitutes successful 21st century knowledge-based CED strategies
  • Why their region needs to stop relying on legacy industrial-attraction activities
  • How and why regional collaboration creates a much larger and sustainable ROI
  • How to build value linkages with resources not within a region’s control
  • What constitutes and how to apply core VE tools and processes
  • How to design, implement and lead a regional collaborative funding strategy and process
  • Why and how to develop individual and collective visions of success
  • How to turn data into information, information into knowledge and knowledge into action
  • How to continually expand, deepen and renew the base of regional collaborative leaders

Regional economies that have been the most successful at sustaining economic transformation have invested significant resources to develop a sustainable base of collaborative leaders. Contact us to discuss how a CLI might be helpful to your region.

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