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As children, our culture teaches us that sharing is good. As we become adults, however, American culture promotes a special-interest mentality that values hoarding above sharing. In a sense, the knowledge-sharing tools used in the course of a ViTAL Economy (VE) Journey take communities back to the lessons of childhood by encouraging them to connect and integrate isolated pockets of information. The VE Journey uses collaboration and changed behavior to enhance regional performance, and knowledge-sharing tools to promote that culture of sharing.

VE’s approach to knowledge sharing formalizes the kind of information exchange that typically occurs around the water cooler, as it’s impossible to replicate the informal spontaneity of face-to-face communication across a geographically large and remote region. We believe three main elements must be addressed to institute effective knowledge sharing:

  • Adequate technology to facilitate sharing
  • A defined process
  • A culture that supports establishing a collective mindset

Our knowledge-sharing tools ensure that knowledge-sharing technology, processes and culture are more effectively utilized and connected. VE initiatives have included:

  • Technology tools such as websites to broadly share information about unique remote resources and build regional Self-confidence
  • On-line asset-mapping tools that identify and connect remote assets to form regional value chains
  • Collaboration software that turns remoteness from a perceived liability into an asset
  • Process tools such as value linkage, COI and industry cluster processes that build a culture of collaboration
  • Benchmarking tools such as the Economic Scenario™ Model that demonstrate the value of collaboration over locally-focused and growth-suppressing competition and build a sense of region

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