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photo_leadershipiqMost of the remote economic regions that call on ViTAL Economy (VE) for assistance have been in economic decline or stagnation for decades. Industries such as forestry, agriculture, mining or manufacturing led many of these regions when they last experienced economic prosperity. The leaders of these industries, who had made most of the economic and policy decisions for their region, departed when the regional economy no longer met their interests and left a gaping hole in both jobs and leadership. The result was a long-term deficit in leadership experience and talent.

VE knows that a regional economy cannot successfully sustain an asset-based CED initiative unless it has a broad base of leaders with the skills to collaboratively organize, motivate and lead. We also have learned that systems of governance cannot effectively lead 21st century economies without assessing current leadership styles and determining what gaps must be filled.

VE’s Leadership IQ™ service has identified 11 styles of leadership that must be present in any successful transformation of a remote regional economy. This service:

  • Uses these styles as a foundation for assessing the leadership capacity and gaps in a region
  • Contains regional ratings in each of the 11 leadership style categories
  • Presents a series of leadership development recommendations
  • Includes recommendations, where appropriate, for potential changes in regional leadership frameworks

Too many CED initiatives have floundered or failed due to inadequate attention to leadership requirements. Contact us for examples of how Leadership IQ™ has helped others succeed and learn how it can work in your region.

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