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A ViTAL Economy (VE) Playbook is a collection of tools and processes for each VE Journey that we leave behind to help a region continue succeeding long after we’re gone. This Playbook is the ultimate knowledge-transfer tool.

A VE Journey changes the way a region and its leaders think about and manage their economy. During the process, they adopt a number of tools and processes from the VE Toolbox that are critical to the successful transformation of their economy. It’s vitally important that others in the region also understand:

  • How these tools were applied
  • How the VE Journey uniquely unfolded in their region
  • How challenges were overcome

Compiling VE tools and processes into an organized playbook enables both current and future leaders to understand how the VE Journey works for their economic region.

VE Playbooks have been developed for entire economic regions, sub-regions, network provider communities of interest (COI), industry clusters, etc. Contact us for examples of recent VE Playbooks, which are custom-developed for each client to match the culture and learning style of your region, industry cluster or COI..

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