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The Amplify step of our journey was developed by ViTAL Economy (VE) to better enable network providers to work with the regional economies they serve, linking customer needs with network services to increase prosperity for all. The goal of Amplify is quite simple. If remote regional economies are going to successfully compete in the global economy, broadband connectivity is an essential strategic enabling resource. The best wealth-creating economies are spending approximately 6% of gross regional spending on connectivity resources, as compared with only about 1.5% in most remote regional economies. ViTAL Economy communities accelerate and expand their spending on broadband services, which in turn expands network providers’ investment in broadband infrastructure.

To increase connectivity, rural broadband consumers and network providers must move away from viewing broadband services as a low-cost commodity. Amplify enables network providers and consumers to understand how broadband changes the way a regional economy lives, works, learns, governs, collaborates and competes. This new understanding expands investment in and spending on broadband resources.

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