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ViTAL Economy (VE) offers a unique GIS-enabled web portal called I Want My Broadband (IWMBB) that allows end users to map and aggregate broadband demand in remote areas. IWMBB clearly defines areas of need, focusing regional efforts to increase network provider investment in underserved segments.

Using IWMBB, network providers can develop a clearer picture of the potential broadband market. They learn to replace the traditional calculation of “customers per mile” with a more authentic and reliable calculation of “mapped customer requests” – a combination of residential, education, healthcare, business, government and non-profit customer requests for broadband in a specific geography. They often find that, although the “customers per mile” estimate is below an accepted level of ROI, the actual number of “mapped customer requests” may exceed ROI requirements.

IWMBB also has a digital readiness strategy that includes:

  • A broadband awareness program that explains how broadband use can positively affect regional and personal prosperity
  • Vertical market and regional community request for proposal tools that aggregate multiple enterprise demand

Digital-ready, broadband-enabled communities restructure themselves to become globally competitive and prosperous, knowledge-based economies. Contact us to learn more about IWMBB and how network providers have successfully deployed IWMBB in partnership with the regional economy they serve. Click here to learn about leading the effort in your region by becoming a VE Journey Sponsor.

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