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ViTAL Economy (VE) has worked with numerous regional economies to promote communication and collaboration among competing network providers by bringing them together in a Network Provider Community of Interest (NPCOI). Participants represent all types and sizes of providers who deliver broadband services via many diverse technologies. They describe the benefits of participating in the VE-facilitated NPCOI as follows:

  • It expands the base of customers willing to pay for connectivity services.
  • It transforms customer perceptions from thinking that connectivity is too expensive or an entitlement to viewing it as a valuable, affordable investment.
  • It brings leaders of all major institutions to the table, as well as key county and municipal leaders serving thousands of citizens and workers.
  • It creates a highly visible initiative that fosters collaboration and regulatory changes.
  • It accelerates broadband adoption and highlights the key role it can play in growing the rural economy.

In the NPCOI, network providers discover that they can improve access to and adoption of broadband services while still remaining active competitors. They join forces to advance the economic performance of a regional economy while growing their own businesses.

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