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ViTAL Economy (VE) Journeys significantly change the tactics network providers use to increase demand for their services. The Amplify step in the VE Journey includes a Sales Training component for network provider sales managers and sales teams that teaches them how to expand demand for high-frequency network applications.

In contrast to traditional “push” network provider marketing, VE Journeys generate consumer-driven demand by using “pull” marketing strategies. VE helps end-user communities aggregate their demand, in essence reaching out to network providers to request services and “pull” the network to their neighborhoods. This gives citizens an active role in increasing broadband demand, while lowering the cost of customer acquisition for network providers.

Amplify Sales Training turns a sales person into a facilitator of ever-larger buying consortia, which increases the buying opportunity at the end of the sales process. It also converts the sales effort from a potentially adversarial relationship driven by commodity pricing, to one that is value-added and customer-benefit-driven, deepening the relationship between provider and customer over the long term.

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