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Broadband with a Purpose (BWAP) is a custom-designed program that focuses on increasing broadband adoption and usage rates in underserved economic regions, as well as in underperforming regions where broadband is already available. BWAP is designed to create a global best-practice, digital-ready economic region, which ViTAL Economy (VE) believes is critical to attract workers in our current economy. Regions with limited access to broadband services typically do not understand the vast opportunities that bridging the digital divide can provide.

BWAP consists of three distinct phases:

  • Awareness
  • Education
  • Technical support

Each of these phases builds on each other to create sustainable increases in broadband adoption rates and to increase the number of valuable applications delivered via broadband. BWAP has the following benefits:

  • It improves community awareness of the advantages of digital resources and network applications.
  • It broadens regional leaders’ understanding that broadband can improve resources and access to healthcare, increase family prosperity and grow their economy.

BWAP also addresses the problem of low broadband adoption rates using several innovative strategies:

  • It links broadband access to each region’s CED strategy.
  • It develops individual and enterprise return-on-investment (ROI) formulas within vertical communities of interest (COI). COI sessions create layers of ROI for each participant, which builds an aggregated ROI formula.
  • It creates a sustainable multi-media curriculum, which incorporates applications with solid ROI that can be easily understood by non-technical end-users.
  • It includes an inter-generational tech corps of regional digital technology savvy neighbors to provide assistance to new broadband adopters.
  • It establishes a Broadband Entrepreneur Challenge that energizes entrepreneurs to create uses for broadband services, which enable their businesses to access more markets and grow profits.

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