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Regional economies are competing against national economies. Yet, far too many regional economy leaders continue to act as if jurisdictional and geographic boundaries make a difference. This traditional behavior has limited or reduced the growth of many remote regional economies. In reality, the world is getting “flatter” every day and boundaries have become increasingly irrelevant.

A ViTAL Economy (VE) Journey is designed to respond to this “world is flat” reality by guiding leaders to see their region as an integrated marketplace, where artificial boundaries are eliminated to help the market better compete. VE processes are designed to connect remote resources and to build a critical mass of value chain resources to increase global competitiveness and expand economic opportunity.

The VE Journey’s proven processes provide a roadmap to transform each economic region into an integrated marketplace. It incorporates an entire set of integrated marketplace tools and systems for benchmarking and measuring a region’s progress. Contact us for more information about this service. Learn more about becoming a sponsor of a VE Journey for your region.

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