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For Regional Economies: Sustain Regional Collaboration

We often are asked, “How long does a ViTAL Economy (VE) Journey take?” We respond that VE Journeys aren’t short-term initiatives but a transformative, regional CED initiative that requires a long-term commitment to regional collaboration across government, education, healthcare and business sectors. The initial journey may take as long as three to five years, though tangible results can be seen more quickly. In reality, a VE Journey is supposed to change how a region manages its economy for the long-term. Therefore, the first three to five years of a VE Journey are intended to build a solid foundation for your region to adopt our tools and change management processes as your own.

Sustaining regional collaboration requires new governance frameworks that aren’t perceived as threatening or competitive to existing entities. It requires a commitment to changing the way a region is organized and behaves. VE has developed a series of governance models that meet these criteria and that can be customized for each remote regional economy. Our comprehensive set of change management tools and resources are designed to help each region move away from hierarchical, boundary-restricted models of governance.

Each VE Journey comes with a guidebook that’s tailored to the cultural and behavior systems of the region to ensure that the lessons learned are not forgotten by future generations. Contact us for more information.

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