Services: Regional Community & Economic Development (CED): Asset-based Community Economic Development Strategy

graphic_veapproachAsset-based community economic development (CED) strategies focus on the assets, not deficits, of a community or economic region. Instead of focusing on appeals for funding based on what your region lacks, ViTAL Economy (VE) focuses on how your region’s unique assets can be preserved, enhanced and then leveraged to improve community and economic development outcomes.

Asset-based development strategies recognize that deficits need to be addressed. However, by focusing on what indigenous community assets make your economic region unique, you can build on them to create a better place to live, work and play. Further, this approach better enables your region to connect your unique assets to regional national and global opportunities.

VE believes the following classes of indigenous assets are critically important for achieving sustainable community and economic transformation:

  • Human Capital – workforce, knowledge and skill assets, work ethic
  • Social Capital – building trust and ability to work, plan and act as a group
  • Physical Capital – housing, transportation, town centers, infrastructure
  • Financial Capital – life cycle equity and debt financing resources
  • Environmental Capital – land, natural resources, scenic beauty, recreation
  • Cultural Capital – heritage, architecture, arts and culture, performing arts
  • Healthy Community Capital – education, healthcare, social services, public safety

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