Services: Regional Community & Economic Development (CED): Collaborative Leadership Strategy

Collaboration is an essential leadership and management skill in a global, converging and chaotic world. A collaborative approach requires that leaders discard traditional command-and-control models of behavior and their desire to control rather than share resources. Collaborative leadership is one of the most important assets your regional economy needs to successfully compete in our boundary-free, 21st century economy.Collaboration is a more efficient, effective and productive use of government, not-for-profit, business or personal resources than competition. When leaders collaborate, organization and political boundaries become irrelevant and regional economies can achieve the necessary expertise and critical mass of resources to compete on a global stage.

For local communities, this approach means that your neighbors can no longer be viewed as your competition. Community leaders must learn how to guide their communities to a regional focus that shares resources and expands opportunities. Addressing this new reality requires dramatic changes in how you lead. ViTAL Economy (VE) has been teaching regional leaders how to lead and manage effectively across boundaries since 1992.

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