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photo_digitaldivHigh-speed broadband is the enabling infrastructure of the 21st century economy. These digital networks are as important as railroads, canals, road systems and air routes were to the industrial economies of the 19th and 20th centuries. They serve as the communication links for goods and services to be developed, transported, sold and consumed across the regional, national and global economy.Since 1992, ViTAL Economy (VE) has advised rural economies throughout the US, Canada and Australia how to develop information highway initiatives to promote successful regional, state and provincial economic development. We have learned that bridging the digital divide requires collaboration between competing broadband providers and the markets they serve. In the remote regions we’ve served, lack of broadband access was less about cost of service and lack of investment than about a fundamental disconnect between telecommunication firms and consumers. We discovered that broadband providers lacked an understanding of market potential, while consumers lacked an understanding that broadband access could convert remoteness from a liability to an asset.

VE has helped competing network providers begin collaborating to expand broadband access and increase customer demand. Our digital divide broadband strategies have enabled extremely remote economies to experience broadband adoption rates in excess of 40% in the first six months of network launch. They also have created market demand that drove high-speed broadband access to global best-in-class standards using limited public investment. Contact us to learn how we can apply these strategies in your community.

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