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ViTAL Economy (VE) has developed a unique approach to the research, formation and management of industry clusters in remote, underserved regional economies. In contrast to traditional industry cluster research, which requires the cluster to be a geographically-proximate group of interconnected companies and associated institutions in a particular field, VE defines a cluster based on a community’s own indigenous strengths. Whereas the traditional approach pre-defines remote regional economies as incapable of developing industry clusters, VE’s approach does not pre-judge ability based solely on comparative, critical-mass analysis.

In the VE Journey, Industry cluster opportunities are prioritized by what makes a community unique. Our cluster analysis is biased towards action. It defines in a tangible way what success should look like, how it should be achieved and how it should be measured. The VE Alliance has conducted industry cluster research in such diverse fields as:

  • Forest products, alternative forest products and forest technology
  • High-value agriculture
  • Wireless technology
  • Communications/electronics and navigation
  • Biotechnology
  • Specialty computer chips, IT data centers
  • Salmon aquaculture
  • Yacht fabrication and services
  • Adventure and upscale tourism
  • Mining, oil and gas
  • Alternative energy, bio-energy, fuel cells
  • Aerospace
  • Bio-plastics
  • Neutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals
  • Marine technology, oceans tourism and research
  • Inter-modal transportation and logistics
  • Senior living
  • Film and television

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