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ViTAL Economy (VE) research is recognized for its measurable, action-driven and thorough approach to answering unusual but important client questions. This process often leads to new processes or services that support the growth of innovation. VE Alliance members have had the opportunity to facilitate a number of unique research projects that determine economic impacts or define best practices for CED-related initiatives. Three of these projects are described below.

Long Term Impact of the International Olympics

One of our more unique research projects was a global analysis of the long-term economic impact of the International Olympics over the past 30 years. This research effort helped to determine which international cities had experienced the most long-term economic impact and identified the strategies that contributed to their success. 

University based Research Parks and Business Incubators: Best Practices

Recently, VE was asked to conduct an analysis of university-sponsored research parks and business incubators to determine what constituted best practices. This research led to the creation of a benchmarking process that measures:

  • The effectiveness of research park investments in developing viable, innovative and growing businesses
  • The ability of business incubators to create productive, sustainable firms
  • The economic impact of R&D investments on technology transfer, which leads to creating or expanding firms that grow high-value regional jobs

Economic Scenario™ Models for Regional Economies

For more than 10 years, VE has funded unique research to develop a regional economic model that measures the economic performance of remote rural economies and border economies. To conduct the research, VE partnered with a number of independent and university-affiliated economists, as well as the Bureau of Economic Analysis and other federal agencies. In 2007, in conjunction with the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Community Development Innovation Conference, VE released its first regional economic model. Today, VE continues to invest additional resources to improve this model, which has become an invaluable tool for many remote regional economies. What are your unique CED research questions? We’re happy to discuss them with you. Contact us.

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