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graphic_balancedKnowledge-based (KBE) workers with small, gazelle-like firms are the growth engine of the 21st century economy and thus, are in ever-greater demand. They typically are particular about the companies they work for and where they live, and they seek places that provide their families with a high quality of life. To a greater extent than ever, they view their jobs as secondary to the lifestyle amenities available in a community. They want to live where they want and work where they live.

As a result, livable communities increasingly have a significant economic impact. However, traditional economic development has failed to understand or quantify the economic impact of quality-of-life on a region. Too often, the champions of livable communities see economic development as negative, while traditional economic development leaders view these champions as anti-growth.

ViTAL Economy (VE) views quality of place and economic growth as symbiotic. Across America, communities have found that economic prosperity does not have to come at the expense of a community’s quality of life. Successful communities are finding that beauty pays. Retaining and building on community character can be a key to economic success. Thoughtful management of public resources and well-planned development can increase prosperity for the whole community.

Contact us to learn how VE can bring together the leaders of quality of place and traditional economic development to develop unified growth strategies that value quality of place. Let us demonstrate to you the measurable community and economic benefits of quality-of-place strategies, which increase regional prosperity and build more durable economies.

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