Startup Peoria Joins Greater Peoria EDC  

Jake Hamman of One Fire Media developed his vision for Start-Up Peoria during the Focus Forward CI planning process in 2013. ViTAL Economy provided coaching support on an ongoing basis to Jake Hamman and his team as they boot strapped the launch of Start-Up Peoria. Jake adopted Start-Up America and Kaufman Entrepreneurship Strategies to develop what has become one of the more successful start-up entrepreneur development programs in the U.S. Start-Up Peoria is now a program of the Greater PeoriaEDC. It exists to develop a regional ecosystem for entrepreneurs,  and innovators to launch successful ventures that contribute to the growth and sustainability of Greater Peoria. Current primary initiatives are 1 Million Cups, KeyStart and the Nest Co-Working Space. For more information about Start-Up Peoria go to