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InterVISTAS Consulting, global industry experts in transport and tourism that have delivered more than 2000 projects with over 500 clients in 70 countries worldwide, supports the ViTAL Economy (VE) Alliance with economic insights that are developed using precise, data-driven analysis. InterVISTAS’ Development Economics practice provides sophisticated economic tools that guide decisions, helping clients find opportunities that are defensible, reasonable and financially viable.


photo_team3InterVISTAS’ Development Economics practice focuses on helping rural areas develop their economies by working with business, community groups, state and local governments, and non-profit organizations. InterVISTAS provides:

  • Economic & statistical analysis and modeling to identify strategic intelligence
  • Business strategic planning and analysis to help clients establish a clear vision of the future and develop effective strategies to achieve their goals
  • Community economic development, through collaboration with community leaders and action teams
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Forecasting & scenario analysis

The company understands that local employment and earnings grow best when they are led locally. InterVISTAS works with VE to help regions understand where they can expand their local economies by turning indigenous resources such as available skilled labor, geographic advantages, or natural resources into market opportunities.

Together with VE, InterVISTAS has developed an Excel-based economic model that helps local leaders better understand the impacts of changes in employment and earnings by sector, county, region or state, as well as commuting patterns and their impact on local economies. InterVISTAS has helped local businesses better target their development and outreach in ways that benefit both that particular business and the entire regional economy. Their analyses have been used across diverse industries that include transportation, telecommunications and energy.


Steve Martin, Senior Vice President

Steve guides the firm’s Economics and Strategic Services group in the U.S. He provides management oversight of economic development projects, economic modeling, economic impact assessments, regulatory impact assessments, and traffic and passenger forecasting activities. He was principal investigator for a TRB study on air service development at small communities.

Steve brings nearly three decades of experience in Washington working with the Congress and the executive branch. Prior to InterVISTAS, he was Assistant Director for Transportation Issues with the U.S. Government Accountability Office, the investigatory arm of the U.S. Congress.

Rob Beynon, Vice President

Rob has a Masters Degree specializing in Japan-North America trade relationships. In addition to work assignments in Japan and Australia, he has worked for the International Commerce Centre and established Canada’s first Foreign Trade Zone. With 15 years experience working with companies in the aviation, rail and marine industries, he has specialized expertise in intermodal cargo, community economic development, cluster analysis, sustainability, regional airport development, FTZ marketing and economic impact assessment.
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