VE Alliance: Introduction

The ViTAL Economy (VE) Alliance, headed by founder Frank Knott, is a coalition of independent organizations and individuals who are passionate about transforming communities into thriving economies. The VE Alliance is comprised of members whose diverse backgrounds include years of experience in government, finance, manufacturing, engineering, education, development, hospitality, tourism and not-for profit entities.

Over the past 22 years, many individuals and organizations have expressed interest in becoming part of the VE Alliance. However, only a select few have been able to remain committed to our guiding principles of open collaboration and trust to achieve a social enterprise mission. The VE Alliance is designed to bring the necessary expertise to best serve the needs of the communities with which we work. Through our commitment to knowledge transfer and regional leadership development, we teach communities to build self-sufficient, sustainable and prosperous regional economies.
VE Alliance members

Each member of the VE Alliance is required to bring a proven track record of success. Members also are expected to provide consulting services at a lower cost than that charged by a traditional consulting firm. To maintain low overhead costs while ensuring the flexibility that each client community’s unique situation requires, the VE Alliance is organized as a flat virtual Starfish organization.

Alliance members are passionate about the communities we serve and strongly value the unique assets and resources each community possesses. Above all, our Alliance openly shares our knowledge and tools to permit each community to build a broader, more viable, and sustainable leadership base that can self propel their region to long-term prosperity.

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Our Approach in Action