VE Alliance: Terry & Unitas Associates

Terry and Unitas Associates (T&U) bring 90 years of experience in telecommunications and healthcare management to the ViTAL Economy (VE) Alliance. They coordinate services for the AMPLIFY step of the VE Journey, in which broadband providers help communities expand their economic success.


photo_terryunitasT&U provides expertise in product development, network engineering and planning, marketing, and sales leadership for local, regional and national telecommunication providers. They also coordinate network provider communities of interest (COI) and provide healthcare management experience to VE communities.

T&U collaborated with VE to develop and implement its broadband demand aggregation web- based portal, I Want My Broadband. They also assist the VE Alliance with implementation of its digital literacy program, Broadband with a Purpose. In these roles, T&U facilitates development, identification, aggregation and documentation of broadband access and end-user demand. They translate broadband information into increased access and use. T&U also developed an ROI formula that appropriately projects broadband demand in rural communities to the benefit of both providers and community residents.

T&U also provides consulting services to small and mid-size businesses to use information and communications technology to improve business development and performance. Further, they provide project management coordination for regional community and economic development initiatives facilitated by VE.


Tom Terry spent 30 years with Verizon as an executive who led a number of business development initiatives. He held various positions within the company, including engineering, construction of telecommunications infrastructure, media and public relations, product design and development, marketing, and state and local economic development. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the White House have recognized Tom’s business development work with the prestigious President’s Action Award.

Tony Unitas has more than 25 years of leadership experience at Verizon, where he led numerous strategic planning efforts. He also directed several sales organizations, with a focus on major accounts and middle markets. Many industries have benefited from his expertise in strategic planning, business & fiscal management, customer care, people & product development. Tony’s core strength is pairing the right technology solutions with business goals to achieve successful development.

Carol Terry has extensive experience in healthcare management that includes serving as a laboratory manager for several community hospitals and a medical school ambulatory care lab. She also served as the director of a regional call center for a national reference laboratory and as the clinic and practice manager for nine clinics associated with a regional healthcare provider. Carol uses her wealth of healthcare management experience to promote healthcare development in VE initiatives.

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