VE Provides Input on Impacts of Nuclear Power Plant Closings

ViTAL Economy was among 40 leaders across the world chosen to participate in a unique conference in Putney, VT. The conference sought to develop a research strategy and community education program concerning the unique socioeconomic impacts of nuclear plant closures on host communities over the next 30 years.

SeVEDS, one of ViTAL Economy’s current client communities, is directly impacted by the just-announced closure of the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Plant in Vernon, Vermont. This is the first nuclear power plant host region to develop a proactive strategy for addressing the socioeconomic impacts of this closure on Southeastern Vermont.

The Working Group for Nuclear Plant Closure Research is sponsored by The Office of the Vice President for Research at the University of Vermont, Center for Economic Development at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation and AEHS Foundation.