ViTAL Economy Alliance Collaborates on Visit Indy Tourism Master Plan

ViTAL Economy is partnering with InterVISTAS Consulting, and Bandwidth Management to facilitate and develop the first Tourism Master Plan to be commissioned in the United States. Tourism Master Plans are the next generation planning roadmap that connects tourism planning with community economic development. They integrate strategies focused on visitor, talent, capital and business attraction and development. Tourism Master Plans help tourism destinations make their communities even better places to live, work and play.  ViTAL Economy has prime responsibility for facilitating community engagement with community economic development and tourism leaders across the five county region that includes the city of Indianapolis. ViTAL Economy is also responsible for asset mapping of attraction assets across the five county region as well as development of best practice performance metrics that benchmark current impact of tourism on the regional economy and measure the impact of the Tourism Master Plan recommendations on the regional economy through 2020.